About Us

Long before the name and idea behind Custom CBD was born, we started our search for a high-quality, full spectrum phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil with absolutely no THC. Time after time we were presented with oils that either had poor test results with low levels of CBD or were advertised as THC free but came back with levels far higher than were acceptable. We also found many suppliers that were selling an inferior CBD isolate that typically originated in China and contained contaminants and impurities that no one would knowingly put in their body. It was discouraging to say the least.

After much searching, we found an American grown and produced product that passed all of our tests and exceeded our expectations. We realized that we were finally able to get everything that we wanted in a CBD oil, so the next idea was logical—let’s make it possible for our customers to customize the oil, concentration, and even the flavor that best suits their needs and personal preferences! This is how the idea for Custom CBD was born. It has been a long but exciting journey preparing everything for you to be able to enjoy the highest quality oil, built just the way you want it and delivered right to your door. We are happy to welcome you to the Custom CBD family and look forward to helping you along the road to a healthier future!

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